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Enclosed&Privacy: Enclosed design provide cats a privacy and security of having the lid down, which helps them do their "business" and fitting snugly lid keeps the smells in.

The cat litter box with tray and shovel, make cleaning more faster and convenient. Cats and owners will love it!

No More Messy: The litter box with top 5mm litter holes, front door entry ONLY so cat needs jump out from the top, helping remove litter particles in cat's paws, it will drop into the litter box when cat jumping out. Nearly eliminates litter tracking, return you a tidy home!No more messy, wet floor or litter everywhere!

Spacious: Large space size :

41x50.8x38.6cm/16.1x20x15.2in, so that cats can easily turn around their body, even for fat cats can come in and out.Fit: Pet under 10kg, nice and large so it also suits an owner of 2 cats. Perfect for cats of all sizes and multi-cat households.

Foldable: Unique foldable design, hence you can fold it to small size for carrying when in travel or move house. Besides, it is easy to keep clean. All the edges are smooth and no burrs. It is easy to assemble or disassemble. The shovel with hook design just hang it to the box.

Drawer Design: Well made cat litter box is strong and durable, no odor that cats can use it with confidence. 

It is super convenient to pull out the litter tray to clean and change litter. regular wash the tray and keep the box neat and no odor.


Type: Litter Box

Feature: Easy Clean

Material: Plastic

Colour: Grey

Product Dimension: L * W *H 51x41x38cm

Folding Size: L * W * H 51x41x12.5cm

Package Included:

1 x Cat Litter Box

1 x Cat Litter Scoop


- Keeping your litter box in a quiet area of your home will make your cat more likely to use it.

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