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The Cactus Chill Teething Toy by All For Paws is a fun and durable chew toy for your pet. Made from high-quality and non-toxic materials, this toy is designed to provide your furry friend with a safe and entertaining playtime experience.

This teething toy features a cactus shape and is designed to be easy to grip and play with. Its durable material ensures that it can withstand even the most enthusiastic playtime and retain its shape over time.

The Cactus Chill Teething Toy is also designed with your pet's dental health in mind. Its textured surface helps to clean your pet's teeth and massage their gums, promoting healthy chewing habits and preventing dental problems.

In addition, this toy can be chilled in the freezer for added comfort during teething. The cooling sensation helps to soothe your pet's gums and relieve teething pain.

Overall, the Cactus Chill Teething Toy by All For Paws is a great chew toy for your pet. Its durable and non-toxic material, cactus shape, dental benefits, and cooling feature make it a great choice for pet owners who want to give their furry friends the best.

Dimensions (cm) : 12 (L) x 7.5 (W) x 3 (D)

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