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Get ready to reel in the fun with Jittering Trout Fish with Catnip and Silverine Pouches! These funky and fresh cat toys are the purrfect addition to any cat's playtime routine, providing hours of entertainment and stimulation.

Each Jittering Trout Fish is filled with catnip and silverine pouches, making it an irresistible toy for even the most discerning of cats. The catnip will have your feline friend batting, pawing, and rolling with joy, while the silverine pouches add an extra level of excitement and stimulation.

Designed to mimic the movement of live prey, the jittery movements of the Jittering Trout Fish will satisfy your cat's natural hunting instincts and promote exercise and playtime, keeping your furry friend happy, healthy, and engaged.

Made with high-quality materials and durable stitching, Jittering Trout Fish with Catnip and Silverine Pouches are built to withstand even the most aggressive of players. The compact size makes them perfect for tossing, chasing, and carrying around, and the funky and fresh design is sure to appeal to cats of all ages and personalities.

Overall, Jittering Trout Fish with Catnip and Silverine Pouches are the ultimate catch for any cat owner looking to add a fun and funky element to their cat's playtime routine. With their jittery movements, irresistible scents, and durable design, these toys are sure to become a favourite of both you and your feline friend!


  • Simulates a real trout fish for fun and interactive play
  • Catnip and silvervine pouches to entice happy play even further
  • Built in USB rechargeable battery for long lasting play
  • Plush soft fabric, gentler on cats paws, claws and teeth to ensure safe and effective training
  • Promotes healthy and active play, keeping your cat or kitten moving and jumping increases their physical agility and reduces stress levels.


  • Type: Jittering Trout
  • Size (Cm): 27 L x 9 W

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Jittering Trout
  • 1 x USB recharging cable
  • 1x Canadian Catnip Pouch
  • 1x Korean Silvervine

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